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Croatian Audio Phrasebook with E-Book

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Balk Talk's Croatian Audio Phrasebook -  Speak with Locals in 2 weeks!

Speak conversational Croatian FAST! This audio phrasebook, with e-book, contains six chapters of MUST-KNOW phrases! 

Locals will be shocked to hear you speak Croatian when meeting new people in social situations, going out to bars and restaurants, making payments, dealing with public transportation, taxis, directions and emergencies, and outsmarting scammers that assume you are just another dumb tourist too lazy to learn the language! 

Inspired by Peace Corps language trainings that focus on situational learning, this phrasebook will help you reach a conversational level quickly by providing you with all the conversational phrases you will use in your most recurring situations. 

This phrasebook is perfect for travelers, expats and temporary staycationers who enjoy making the extra effort to connect with locals and immerse in the culture of daily life. You might even get a free drink or two for your efforts! :)

**Important** Please watch our FREE Introduction Video Lessons before, or while concurrently listening to your Croatian audio phrasebook. There's no point in getting a phrasebook if you don't at the very least know how to pronounce the letters! 


  • Audio file and e-book download: Learn FAST by listening to the phrases,  and/or reading them at the same time. Listen anytime, anywhere! 
  • 6 Focused Chapters: Learn the most NEED-TO-KNOW phrases for your MOST FREQUENT situations. Each conversational situation is separated into chapters. You don't need to know 100 verb you will never use. Instead, we prepare you for practical daily conversations for recurring scenarios.
  • Scam Prevention: Scams are frequent in Croatia and the Balkan region. Navigate with ease situations like an incorrect taxi meter or an overpriced restaurant bill using our Talking about Your Money chapter. 
  • Studio quality sound:  Our phrasebooks have clear audio that allows you to understand pronunciations easily, along with the authentic experience of listening to a native speaker everyday!


You have 4 hours from the time of purchase to request a full refund. You must email within 4 hours of your purchase to request a refund. To be clear: if you order your phrasebook at 8 a.m., you have until 12 p.m. the same day to e-mail us to request a refund. After those initial 4 hours, you have 7 days to request a PARTIAL REFUND, in which you will be refunded HALF of your payment. PLEASE READ THE F.A.Q. below to determine if our phrasebook is right for you before purchasing. 


Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions to determine if a Balk Talk Phrasebook is right for you:

Will I become fluent after listening to a Balk Talk Phrasebook?

Our phrasebooks will not make you fluent in an entire language, no. If that is your goal, you should enroll in a course or find an online teacher. Our phrasebooks will prepare you for conversations that you will have in your most frequent travel scenarios. These scenarios are first interactions with new people you meet, dealing with your money and payments, asking for directions, handling emergencies and communicating with establishments and companies in transportation, accommodation, bars, restaurants and clubs. 

I am going to be living in Croatia for more than 3 months. Should I enroll in a Croatian  language course, or should I buy Balk Talk's Croatian Phrasebook?

If you will be living in Croatia long term, you should absolutely enroll in a course or find an online teacher. If you want to get started speaking as much relevant Croatian as possible in your first 2-4 months living in the country, you can get our phrasebook, as it is great for beginners who want to have practical conversations immediately. It will help you get started with your new life in Croatia by knowing what to say when you meet new people in social situations, like at a bar or at a a party. It will also help you get started in your new life in Croatia by knowing how to communicate when you go out to eat, make payments, go to stores, take public transportation and taxis and outsmart scammers that assume you are just another tourist that is only in town for a week at most. Little do they know you live here!